Overwhelmed by anxiety?

Are any of these feelings, behaviors, or concerns familiar to you?

  • Do you worry constantly?
  • Does anxiety run your life?
  • Do you avoid people, places, or activities?
  • Are you anxious around others, about your health, about your thoughts, about the uncertain future?
  • Do panic attacks overcome and/or surprise you?

I welcome any of your questions about therapy and how I work.
For a free phone consultation please email: aliceabar@gmail.com or complete my Contact Form.

I can help you reduce your anxiety, using a variety of effective methods to help you build confidence to overcome your fears. There are innovative and surprising ways to manage your  anxious thoughts and worries.   Anxiety counseling and therapy do help.

Depending on your need, I use techniques such as relaxation, mindfulness, and/or exposure and response prevention.  You will learn the nuts and bolts of anxiety so that avoidance and fear no longer unravel your life.

For those suffering from anxiety or depression, I bring more than 30 years of experience helping people use proven techniques in a way that is uniquely tailored for each person. Learn more about Dr. Abarbanel.