Your Issues & Challenges

My services are absolutely private and confidential, so I can’t disclose actual stories of clients’ lives. The examples below represent a few of the varied life situations and circumstances that bring people to my office. The details vary, but our very human struggles have many similarities.

It’s hard for all of us to step outside our comfort zone and look at issues from a new perspective – that’s why it’s sometimes important to have help.

I welcome any of your questions about therapy and how I work.
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  • I have been depressed for so long I don’t even remember feeling happy.
  • I feel worthless. I am a lost cause. I am broken.
  • I thought I was over my depression but it has returned with a vengeance.
  • I feel people see me as stupid and boring, so I just don’t say anything.
  • I’m afraid to get on an airplane. I panic when I have to drive on the freeway or over bridges.
  • I can’t stop my terrible thoughts, and I am embarrassed to talk about them.
  • Worry is my middle name.
Relationships and dating
  • I think we have fallen out of love. How can we get the excitement back?
  • My relationship has ended and I am so lonely.
  • I wish I could meet somebody, but dating is hard and I always choose the wrong person.
Career and life transitions
  • I don’t like my job, but I don’t know how to make a change.
  • I’m about to retire, and I need to figure out what’s next.
  • I’m all alone now and my moods are up and down.
  • I just graduated, now what?
Physical challenges
  • I am in pain. The doctors just hand me pills that mess up my mind.
  • I have cancer and I don’t know how I will manage.
  • I worry about what will become of me if I get sick.
  • My partner and I fight all the time about the children. And the kids? Where to start?
  • Being a parent is so difficult; I can’t wait for them to grow up.
  • How am I going to cope when my children leave home?